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100% Natural Herbal Immune Booster.

Herbs are a means of treating different conditions in the human body to ensure that the body remains in optimal health and wellness. Herbs contain potent active ingredients for managing diseases in the body.
*THANTSA may Help to Fight: COVID-19, Bacteria, Fungus, Viruses, Parasites & Other Diseases.


THANTSA is a Health Tonic, used to boost immunity and ward off sickness. It is filled with raw enzymes, prebiotics, beneficial bacteria, phytonutrients, potent anti-inflammatory, gut and immune support elements.  
*May Help to Fight: COVID-19, Bacteria, Fungus, Viruses, Parasites & Other Diseases.
THANTSA Price R100 per Bottle plus Aramex Courier R130 for 1 - 6 Bottles Nationwide. Collection available if you live in Tlhabane or around Rustenburg - North West.


THANTSA CONTAINS: Key Herbs, used in Natural Healing Practices, which have been Scientifically Studied and found to have Antiviral Properties. The Herbs are steeped in a Non-Alcoholic Menstruum using a Unique Herbal Formula and Ratio.  


Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Habanero, Cayenne, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Thyme, Black Pepper, Citrus and Pome Fruits – In a raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother enzymes) Menstruum.


 *THANTSA has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitical properties *Helps to flush out toxins, mucus, and all types of harmful bacteria by lowering our bodies pH level and boosting your own natural immune system *It is prebiotic (feeding good gut bacteria) and aids and stimulates digestion *Reduces inflammation, helping with conditions like arthritis & menstrual pain *Kills and prevents harmful bacteria growth (including those that cause candida) *THANTSA boosts the immune system, reduces reflux and indigestion *Helps to regulate the body’s pH level, by having an alkalizing effect *Helps the liver to detox due to its antimicrobial properties *Helps to prevent colds and the flu  


These Testimonials are the Experiences of the People who Used THANTSA. Someone's Testimonial is Not a Guarantee that You will Get the Same Results.
„I am a firm believer of nature and its powers, hence I love this product, it is all natural. Also I believe in the saying that prevention is far better than cure, so I take 1 spoon of THANTSA every night before bed.”
–  Tumelo Seakgela
„After eating THANTSA I started feeling much better especially that the fever and headache disappeared completely.”
–  Garikai Chikodzi Ex COVID-19 Patient
„I’ve been meaning to tell you that your THANTSA seems to work. It’s not bad taste wise.
Was a point I felt a niggle one night and took it. Felt better the next morning.”
– Thabiso Mofulatsi

COVID-19 THANTSA Testimonial Video

Remarkable Story of a Retired School Principal.
THANTSA Price R100 per Bottle plus Aramex Courier R130 for 1 - 6 Bottles Nationwide. Collection available if you live in Tlhabane or around Rustenburg - North West.
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